Mouse Anti-A. thaliana ABP1 (N-terminus, clone 3B4) Antibody (MO-AB-70680W)

Cat: MO-AB-70680W
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Host speciesMouse (Mus musculus)
Species ReactivityA. thaliana (Arabidopsis thaliana)
SpecificityThis antibody is binds to A. thaliana ABP1.
FormatLiquid or Lyophilized
BufferPBS, pH 7.4
StorageStore at 4°C: short-term (1-2weeks)
Store at -20°C: long-term and future use
PurificationCaprylic acid-ammonium sulfate precipitation

Application Information

Application NotesWB: 1/1000-1/3000


IntroductionPlant hormones, auxins, regulate three basic cell fates in morphogenesis, elongation, division and differentiation. Auxin-binding protein 1 is the receptor that auxin mediates auxin-induced cell elongation and direct or indirect cell division.
Product OverviewMouse Anti-A. thaliana ABP1 (N-terminus, clone 3B4) Antibody (MO-AB-70680W) is a mouse antibody against ABP1. It can be used for ABP1 detection in Western Blot.
Alternative NamesABP; AT-ERABP1; endoplasmic reticulum auxin binding protein 1; T4I9.14; T4I9_14
UniProt IDP33487
For Research Use Only | Not For Clinical Use.
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