pCANTAB-5E (non-empty) phage display plasmid

Cat: MOFY-0123-FY58
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Species SourceE. coli
Size3 µg
CompositionPlasmid size: 5216bp;
Plasmid tags: N-g3 signal, C-E tag;
Prokaryotic resistance: Ampicillin Amp;
Cloned strain: Escherichia coli DH5α;
Culture conditions: 37°C, aerobic, LB.
BufferRefer to COA

Plasmid Information

Product OverviewThis system is used for antibody gene expression and preparation of recombinant antibodies. The host bacterium TG1 is the host bacterium for the replication and expression of the plasmid vector pCANTAB5e, without resistance, cultured in 2×YT medium at 37°C.
Regulatory StatusFor Research Use Only
ShippingDry ice
StorageStore at -20 °C.
For Research Use Only | Not For Clinical Use.
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