Mouse Anti-E. coli arfA Antibody (CBMOAB-0136YC)

Cat: CBMOAB-0136YC
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Host speciesMouse (Mus musculus)
Species ReactivityE. coli (Escherichia coli )
SpecificityThis antibody binds to Escherichia coli K-12 arfA.
StorageStore at 4°C: short-term (1-2weeks)
Store at -20°C: long-term and future use
Purity> 90% was determined by SDS-PAGE
PurificationPurified with Protein A or G affinity chromatography

Application Information

ApplicationWB, ELISA
Application NotesELISA: 1:1000-1:3000
Other applications are to be developed. The optimal dilution should be determined by the end user.


IntroductionRescues ribosomes stalled at the 3' end of non-stop mRNAs (PubMed:21062370, PubMed:21435036). This activity is crucial when the stalled ribosome cannot be rescued by the SsrA(tmRNA)-SmpB quality control system (PubMed:21062370, PubMed:21435036). Binds the 30S subunit, contacting 16S rRNA with the N-terminus near the decoding center and its C-terminus in the mRNA entry channel; contacts change in the presence of release factor 2 (RF2, also named PrfB) (PubMed:25355516, PubMed:27906160, PubMed:27906161, PubMed:27934701, PubMed:28077875). Requires RF2/PrfB to hydrolyze stalled peptidyl-tRNA on the ribosome; recruits and probably helps position RF2/PrfB correctly in the ribosomal A site so RF2's GGQ motif can hydrolyze the peptidyl-tRNA bond (PubMed:22857598, PubMed:22922063, PubMed:25355516, PubMed:27906160, PubMed:27906161, PubMed:27934701, PubMed:28077875). Does not release ribosomes with a programmed pause caused by regulatory chains such as SecM-mediated pausing (PubMed:22857598). Binds tRNA which may stimulate its ribosome rescue activity (PubMed:22857598).
Product OverviewMouse Anti-E. coli arfA (clone MO0136YC) Antibody (CBMOAB-0136YC) is a mouse antibody against arfA. It can be used for arfA detection in Western Blot and Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay.
Alternative NamesAlternative ribosome-rescue factor A; arfA; yhdL; b4550 JW3253
UniProt IDP36675
Protein RefseqThe length of the protein is 72 amino acids long. The sequence is show below: MSRYQHTKGQIKDNAIEALLHDPLFRQRVEKNKKGKGSYMRKGKHGNRGNWEASGKKVNHFFTTGLLLSGAC.


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