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With in-person events back again, Creative Biolabs is excited to greet you at the upcoming international conferences. Meet our team at 2022 BIO International Convention in June (booth #1754) and at the 13th Annual World ADC San Diego in September (booth number to be updated) for expert consultation on your drug discovery. Shoot an email to arrange an in-person meeting!

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Below are links to the Creative Biolabs antibody press release and other media reports. Creative Biolabs antibody experts are committed to publicizing the latest research progress of model species targets. The following are recent articles related to our products or services:

Creative Biolabs will provide scientists with unprecedented antibody resources for protein research, as well as simple, cost-effective methods for obtaining new antibodies. Whether you are interested in new targets or new species, Creative Biolabs can help you. Please feel free to contact us.


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Custom antibody

  • Model animal antibody
  • 10-14 aa
  • Any species

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  • Avi-tag Biotinylated Antibody Service
  • Fluorescently Labeled Antibody Service
  • Fab Abzyme Cutting Service

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