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Popular Biological Targets

Model organisms can help scientists with the understanding of the basic biological processes. Creative Biolabs is committed to the development of novel antibodies and cooperation with the global veterinary research team. With years of experience accumulation, Creative Biolabs brings reagents to the market, enabling pure veterinary immunological research, applied animal health surveys, and translational research of human disease models.

Popular Biological Targets

Advantages of Model Organisms Antibodies:

  • Creative Biolabs provides the largest and highly validated antibody portfolio for veterinary immune system research.
  • High-quality reagents for a wide range of species for veterinary research and animal models for human disease research.

Creative Biolabs provides popular biological targets to increase scientists' professional choices and improve the quality of ideal experiment results.


Model organism is a vital tool in the discovery of the fundamental principles of human genetics and molecular biology. Model organism is morphologically well-characterized, easy to culture in the lab, and ideally has a short research generation time. They are endowed with traits and behaviors that can be easily monitored. In a perfect world, they should also show genetic assets similar to humans, and most importantly, have a high degree of sequence homology. A large amount of commercially available antibodies were designed to bind human or relevant mammalian models, limiting the ability to perform comparative studies in model organisms. However, the correlation of disease pathways between model organisms and humans allows model organisms to be used to study disease pathogenesis and to develop drugs.

Zebrafish, Drosophila, and Caenorhabditis elegans can provide synergistic advantages. Candidate genes and variants showing functional effects can be further studied in mammalian model systems (such as mice and human pluripotent stem cells) for further translation studies.

Genetic model organisms have functional impacts on human biology and disease mechanisms. Figure 1. Genetic model organisms have functional impacts on human biology and disease mechanisms.


From higher vertebrates to microorganisms, model organism has become an indispensable tool for biological and clinical research. Not only can identify human disease gene homologs but also help characterize their normal function and role in pathogenesis. Animal models are employed in the study of human disease because of their similarity to humans in terms of genetics, anatomy, and physiology.

  • Model organisms can be used to create highly detailed genetic maps.
  • Some model organisms have genes similar to humans or genomes of similar size.
  • Future discoveries in cell biology could come from the development of novel and atypical model organisms.
  • A nuanced approach of the epistemology of model organisms selection in developmental biology,  make it an potential to suggest novel avenues of empirical research.
  • Modern neuroscience research focuses largely on model organisms, including C. elegans, Glires, and fruit fly.
  • Model organisms are always popular in cancer drug discovery and development.

Popular Target

Animal models that carry null mutations or knockouts in orthologs of human Mendelian disease genes, which have rapidly improved our understanding of this specific type of genetic disease. Insights into the anti-tumor activities of checkpoint inhibitors are often obtained using syngeneic mouse models, providing an in vivo preclinical basis for predicting the efficacy in human clinical trials. Model organism antibody may serve in research with an existing, inbred, or induced disease or injury that is similar to a human condition. Creative Biolabs offers antibodies against the most common gene used in model organisms.

Please select the interest target of antibodies from the list below. The list will be constantly updated, adding new valuable targets.

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