pRE112 E. coli suicide plasmid

Cat: MOFY-0123-FY69
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Species SourceE. coli
Size2 µg
CompositionProkaryotic resistance: Chloramphenicol Chl;
Screening marker: SacB;
Cloned strain: Escherichia coli SM10 λpir;
Culture conditions: 37°C.
BufferRefer to COA

Plasmid Information

Product OverviewpRE112 is an E. coli SacB suicide plasmid.
Regulatory StatusFor Research Use Only
ShippingDry ice
StorageStore at -20 °C.
References1. Xi, D., Jing, F., Liu, Q., & Cao, B. (2019). Plesiomonas shigelloides sipD mutant, generated by an efficient gene transfer system, is less invasive. Journal of microbiological methods, 159, 75-80.
2. Yang, J., Xu, X. P., Li, M., Bai, F., & Zhang, Q. (2016). Construction and Application of Strains that Constitutively Express the Arginase I Gene. Applied Biochemistry and Microbiology, 52, 149-152.
For Research Use Only | Not For Clinical Use.
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